Finding myself through personal writing and poetry. Enjoying the ride.

I’m sad

I grew up dealing with a lot

Still am

Life is really hard

I try to be strong



But i’m fragile

I crack often

In the dark

Just enough time to put myself together again

Put on the show

Yeah i’m fine

Tired of pretending

Tired of being sometimes

But i keep on

Keeping on

Hoping for a better tomorrow


I always manage to be hopeful

Thank you God for that

You are a flower and you will bloom where you are planted.

Wherever you plant yourself make sure the soil is fertile.

i still crave you

on dark nights and in deep thoughts

i crave your touch

abundant energy flowing between us

past lives reuniting

finding something familiar for the first time in centuries

i start to think i need you here

like oxygen to make my blood flow

knowing it’s a waste of hope

an empty prayer

Recently I’ve acquired a new state of mind. An evolving mind, one never fully set in stone and always open to change and expansion. A state of Becoming. To pay homage, I recently listened to a podcast episode Oprah published with Michelle Obama and when I tell you that lesson…


Two syllables

A million definitions

What is it?

From Beowulf to Mulan

Stories of courage and moments of braveness are told

Empowering generations

Is courage fiction?

Is it fact?

Is it instinct?


Courage is the fire I feel when told no

Courage tells me to get back in the game

When I thought I lost

Courage is God whispering in my ear

Telling me he put me here to win

Courage is my family’s smiles at my graduation

It is what I feel when I wake up

When depression is holding on to me as tight as it can

Courage is cutting those chains

Courage is being free

Courage is being me

Chaos has become a routine

Her permanent home

Leaving her on edge

Wondering what today will look like

Will there be peace

Will there be war

The constant cycle she’s been born into

That she’ll soon create herself

Learned habits die slow

Healthy ones she doesn’t think she’ll ever know

Trapped in a cycle of hate

Mistaking the devil for true love

Empty nights turn into empty years

Starving for affection

For a love that only God can give

She turns to him

Her divine creator

And finds an embrace so warm

A love so pure

That old wounds magically heal

Now she sees love and God in the mirror

On her beautiful face

In his sweet embrace

*I wrote this poem years ago and am deciding to share!*

I am political

I am political in the way that my hair defies both gravity and standards.

I am political, in the way that my very existence defies statistics

I am political, in the way that my knowledge defies…

When you realize you’ve had enough

When you wake up and realize you can’t take anymore

Can’t take another day of being unhappy and unfulfilled

You’ll probably be on your second kid

Stuck in a career you have no interest in

A marriage you have no heart in

You’ll see…

When I am old and gray

I will hum as I prepare for my day

I will wake up, alone more than likely

After a full night’s rest of deep sleep and forgotten dreams

I will hurry to the kitchen as the teapot sings

Letting me know my morning routine…


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